February 7, 2009

Sex Is Zero: The Fifth Power of Adolescent Foolishness

Sex Is Zero is a conditional comedy which means you'll have to accept these five implausible provisos up front. 1. That there's nothing weird about a college in which no one ever goes to class. 2. That you're comfortable with that same college being attended by a student body of undergraduates older than 25 and obsessed with aerobics. 3. That you're okay with the main character Eun-shik (Lim Chang-jung) having his testes and penis removed as a result of two pranks. 4. That a person, many people, could fall four stories without any serious damage. 5. That a man could swallow a mouse whole. If you can accept these five things, then Yun Je-gyun's hyper-silly hormonal romp will amuse you. I myself laughed out loud after one young woman vomited profusely then French kissed her boyfriend as well as when another young woman screamed in horror as her gay boyfriend dipped into what he thought was the logical hole. Gross. Gratuitous. Grody. Yes. Sex Is Zero is puerile. Yet the pitiable subplot about a tragic abortion, while serious in intent, will simply leave you screaming: "More breasts! More masturbation! More slapstick martial arts hijinks, please!"

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