December 5, 2015

Aachi & Ssipak: The Butt of the Cartoon Joke

A little bundle of energy with a big shock of red hair... That's Aachi. He's the brains of the operation. Tall, bald, and muscular with an impossible V-shaped back that narrows to a waistline slimmer than his neck... That's Ssipak and he's the brawn. Together, they're hoping to find a way to strike it rich and live a Life of Bling (or at least score a shipload of the deliciously addictive Juicybar popsicles).

Yet "making it" in Jo Beom-jin's hyperviolent cartoon of a fecal-focused dystopia is as hard as it is in the future as it is in our equally shitty times. There are still so many obstacles: a porn auteur who keeps double-crossing them, a dictatorial police chief who's never heard of the Geneva Convention, a robocop that kind of looks like Ssipak but is stronger, faster, and more heavily munitioned, some random disgruntled citizens who always seem to exit the port-a-potty angry, and a gang of gun-wielding diaper babies who wear their nappies on their heads and sometimes talk like a chorus.

Fortunately, Aachi and Ssipak strike a goldmine with Beautiful, a curvy blue-haired vixen who finds herself the sudden hostess of a magical anal ring that can transform poop into tens of thousands of Juicybars. A Vegas-like display of pimp-fantasticness follows but can these three stay on top when the entire world is so set on getting their hands on Beautiful's beautiful, lucrative ass?

It would take a miracle just to survive. But since this is a cartoon, the impossible is not unlikely. If Aachi and Ssipak can survive machine guns, grenades, knives, hand-strangulation, bombs, motorcycle crashes, concussions, multi-story falls, and other near-death encounters, then certainly they can overcome something as insignificant as everyone else in the world.

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