January 22, 2016

A Touch of Unseen: Stalker as Antihero

You know damn well that the life of a devoted big sis (Lee Eon-jeong) is going to get burdensome when she and her younger sibling (Park Soo-in) get orphaned. Plus there's that whole matter of the incubus (Choi Ri-ho) who used to rape her at night but has now moved on to the younger sister. Big sis may wisely consult a local shaman (Kim Yeon-jeong) to deal with the oversexed spirit but before any sexorcism is about to happen, someone is also going to have to deal with that troublesome ex-boyfriend (Kim Jae-seung) who just got back into town and is in crazy-eyed, super-stalker mode. You can almost hear the voices in big sis's head asking, "Which should I get rid of first? The ghost or the psycho? The ghost or the psycho?" What would you advise? Lee Hyeon-cheol's A Touch of Unseen is not a movie with easy answers.

Complicating the situation further is that the reality that psycho is jealous of the ghost for impregnating the love of his life with a basketball-sized air bubble and the ghost isn't about to let the psycho come between him and his unwilling dream lover. If big sis had waited it out on the sidelines, maybe one of these two villains would've taken the other one out? And if psycho took out the demon — or vice versa — then big sis could simply deal with whichever male monster remained. But danger and patience rarely go hand in had. So why be surprised that the loving guardian here is way too antsy to wait?

Should you feel it necessary to condemn the choices made, please remember: This well-meaning woman is working late shifts at a phone bank so she's sleep-deprived and therefor, judgment-impaired. A best friend (Yoon Chae-yeong-I) is there to step in when she fails. You do what you can. And should you need to do it again, I'd call the sequel, A Second Touch of Unseen.

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