July 21, 2017

2015 Dream Concert: K-Pop for Hours

Aside from some promotional copy recited by various cute-as-a-button co-hosts, 2015 Dream Concert is a tightly edited document of the 21st annual K-Pop revue held in Seoul World Cup Stadium before what appears to be a largely female crowd. Serving up song after song after song with strict choreography, this film is a great introduction to the best bubblegum pop from Asia. In fact, it's so good, it deserves some awards.

Most Innocently Crude Lyric: Red Velvet ("Ice Cream Cake") for "The ice cream that’s on my mouth makes your heart pound..."

Laziest Lip Sync: 9 Muses ("Drama")

Funnest Choreography to Teach Friends: CLC ("Pepe")

Tiredest Look Made Fresh Again: Oh My Girl ("Cupid") as cheerleaders

Readiest for a Tim Burton Video: Topp Dogg ("Top Dog")

Least Convincing Chemistry: Elsie and Ki-o ("I'm Good")

Worst Choreography: Elsie and Ki-o ("I'm Good")

Most Assured Incorporation of White Shorts: BTS ("I Need U")

Most Awkward Incorporation of White Shorts: Secret ("Magic")

Boldest Use of Stripes: VIXX ("Love Equation")

Best Use of Pajama Wear 4Minute ("Crazy") for the sleeveless AFFECT shirt

Most Ready for an 'N Sync Tribute: EXO ("Call Me Baby")

Favorite Overall: SHINee ("View")

The only thing missing for me was Girls Generation.

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