March 5, 2011

Tell Me Something: Serial Killer on the Loose Leaves Questions

Tell Me Something? Okay. How about I first saw this serial killer thriller over five years ago yet this viewing proved super suspenseful? How about a number of scenes are so gruesome, you'll need to turn away from the screen? How about actor Han Suk-kyu is perfect as Detective Cho, the lead investigator with a shady past of his own? How about deadpan actress Shim Eun-ha is infinitely more intriguing here than she was in that sickly sentimental Christmas in August? How about the soundtrack is great, and not just the public domain-sounding music but the Foley art as well which heightens agitation by periodically upping the volume on footsteps, doors shutting, and other environmental noise? How about I don't understand why director Chang Yoon-hyun hasn't written another mystery since this one from the late '90s? How about Jang Hang-seon and Yum Jung-ah both turn in compelling performances as a police officer and a student doctor respectively? How about this is exactly the kind of slick, atmospheric flick that made me fall in love with Korean movies? How about Tell Me Something might leave you with questions but they won't interfere with your enjoyment? How about it's good to have questions that can't be answered? How about the best movies aren't flawless? How about that?

1 comment:

  1. I also missed the clues the first time i saw it, but the director did very subtly reveal them.
    Definitely requires repeated viewing, or checking with the IMDB.